Retirement Announcement

I am happy to share that I’m fully retired as of the start of 2024. I’ve been partially retired for seven years, and as I’ve told people many times, I loved both the “partially’ and the “retired” part. After retiring from Noblis, I started McGurrin Consulting. I was able to meet my goal of working with a wider variety of coworkers and clients, on topics ranging from connected automated vehicles to new areas for me, such as micromobility and smart work zones. Now, after a career working on ground, air, and space transportation, it’s time to move on to full retirement and enjoy even more time with family, traveling, hobbies, tennis, pickleball, and new adventures.

A while back I was asked what accomplishment I was most proud of in my career. After some thought, I have to say that it was assembling, growing, and leading the wonderful surface transportation team, first at the MITRE Corporation and then at Noblis. This team continues to support the USDOT under the excellent leadership of Dr. Karl Wunderlich.