I provide a range of services related to ITS research and deployment, connected and automated vehicle applications and impact assessment, as well as smart city planning and implementation:

Program Planning & Strategy, including Horizon Scanning and Policy Development

Technology Assessment, Project Planning and Project Technical Review

ITS Standards Development

Acquisition Support for Public Sector Agencies

Proposal Preparation & Strategy for Public and Private Entities

Informational Workshops and Presentations

Industry Networking

 Intelligent Transportation and Traffic Operations

Intelligent Transportation and Traffic Operations

The convergence of technological innovations and societal changes is revolutionizing transportation, providing the potential for dramatically improved safety and mobility while simultaneously reducing costs and environmental impacts.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) have always been about applying the latest sensor, communications and information processing technologies to improve transportation. Today that includes Big Data, advanced data analytics, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and low-cost sensors, to enable connected and automated vehicles, Mobility as a Service, and Smart Cities.

With over 25 years of experience in ITS, working at the intersection of technology and policy, McGurrin Consulting provides a range of services ranging from proposal development to detailed analysis to strategic and business guidance to both the public and private sector.

About Mike McGurrin

Mike McGurrin is a widely respected expert in Intelligent Transportation Systems. He founded Noblis’ surface transportation practice in 1991 and grew the program to well over $10M in annual revenues. He led the program until his retirement from Noblis in 2017, and was responsible for all technical, business, and management aspects of the program. Much of Mr. McGurrin’s work has been at the intersection of technology and policy. A major focus of his career has been the application of systems engineering and information technology to improve the performance of systems, ranging from the space shuttle simulator to the National Airspace System to the nation’s surface transportation infrastructure. He is adept at presenting and explaining complex technical subjects and at analyzing the interrelationships between technology and policy. He has made numerous presentations on all aspects of Intelligent Transportation Systems and taught multiple courses on connected vehicle applications and technologies. Mr. McGurrin’s experience and expertise includes: • Connected and automated vehicle technologies and impacts • Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) concepts • National and international work on the role of probe data • National and international work developing technical standards • Strategic program planning • Systems engineering and architecture development • Extensive acquisition experience, both from the government procurement and private proposal perspectives • A record of innovative projects, ranging from applying new IT standards to ITS, to developing new simulation approaches for assessing the impact of connected and automated vehicle technologies, to changing the public and private sector roles in developing traffic simulation models
Mike McGurrin
Mike McGurrin

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