FHWA publishes guide on the use of Scrum for ITS project development

The FHWA had published their first guide on applying agile techniques to ITS projects, Applying Scrum Methods to ITS Projects.  To quote from the document’s abstract, ” The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) developed this document to help those interested in learning about Scrum Methods, one of the Agile Methodologies, and how to incorporate Scrum into ITS project development… The two primary audiences for this document are State and local transportation agencies, and FHWA Division Office staff. For state and local agencies, this document will provide descriptions of Agile development and how it  might be used on ITS projects. For FHWA staff, this document offers information on providing assistance for ITS projects that use Agile development.”

Congratulations to Barbara Staples and her colleagues at Noblis and ConSysTech, as well as to the FHWA managers and staff who conceived of and guided this project, especially Kingsley Azubike, Ed Fok,  and Jesse Glazer. One of my last projects at Noblis was working with Barbara and her team on winning this project, but the credit for the execution goes entirely to Barbara, her team, and the FHWA.